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I’ve been all for fasting and associated ideas for a very long time due to the potential for main well being enchancment. Analysis continues to point out promising advantages. For years I’ve been fascinated by the work of Dr. Valter Longo on the subject of fasting and tips on how to use it to extend our odds of a protracted, wholesome life.

I had the glory of interviewing him on the Wellness Mama podcast (listen here), so at this time I believed I’d share all I’ve realized about his technique of fasting known as the Fasting Mimicking Food regimen.

His strategy lets you get the benefits of fasting, with out skipping meals. ? Learn on!

Dr. Valter Longo and the Fasting Mimicking Food regimen

Dr. Longo is the Director of the Longevity Institute and a professor who research how getting old impacts the physique and organic sciences on the College of Southern California. His analysis has centered on longevity, fasting, getting old, and metabolic illness. Based mostly on his in depth analysis, he created a protocol referred to as the Fasting Mimicking Food regimen or FMD. In the present day we’re going to debate what it’s and the advantages it may need to give you.

The Fasting Mimicking Food regimen got here out of Dr. Longo’s analysis of practically 20 years. The eating regimen focuses first on the genes that control how the body ages and responds to illness. The idea is that lifespan and healthspan could be elevated by supporting the expression of those genes.

First, let’s overview a few of the various kinds of fasting earlier than we attempt to perceive how FMD works and why it’s completely different.

Totally different Forms of Fasting: The Fundamentals

There’s quite a lot of misinformation on the web and elsewhere about fasting: what it’s, what it isn’t, and tips on how to go about it. As fasting has gained recognition, it has additionally turn out to be much less appropriately understood. Dr. Longo is likely one of the world’s high specialists with reference to fasting.

Dr. Longo’s greatest fasting reality is that “fasting” in and of itself doesn’t imply something. You’ll be able to say “consuming” and it doesn’t really inform anybody something about your eating regimen. The identical is true for fasting as a result of there are such a lot of alternative ways and kinds to go about it.

Fasting in lots of types virtually all the time means calorie restriction in a roundabout way. Many kinds of fasting will induce ketosis attributable to decrease caloric consumption and infrequently decrease carbohydrates.

Some kinds of fasting embody:

  • Water fasting: the identify just about says all of it… you simply drink water for a time frame. You’ll be able to examine my experience (and cautions) about water fasting here.
  • Alternate day fasting: not consuming any meals each different day (however nonetheless ingesting water)
  • 16/8: time-restricted fasting: consuming is restricted to solely 8 hours throughout the day, typically referred to as intermittent fasting
  • 5:2 fasting: a fasting strategy the place 2 days per week solely 500 energy are consumed
  • Fasting mimicking diets: a protocol the place, for 3-7 days, wherever from 300 to 1,100 energy are eaten on a selected protocol to imitate the advantages of fasting with out complete deprivation

Dr. Longo explains that, as with many issues, there are positives and negatives about all kinds of fasting. Not every kind are good for everybody, so it’s by no means a good suggestion to only do one thing by yourself with out personalised recommendation out of your healthcare supplier.

Notice: Prolonged water fasts ought to solely ever be accomplished underneath medical supervision and have extra severe dangers. Even underneath medical supervision, water fasting can nonetheless produce robust signs. These can embody fatigue, gastrointestinal signs, thyroid issues, and glucose imbalances, to not point out extra severe points like an infection or inflammatory issues. Please do your individual analysis and solely do one underneath the steerage of your physician.

Why Fasting Mimicking?

Dr. Longo’s analysis focuses on Fasting Mimicking plans as a result of, not like water fasting, they’re broadly safer and could be as efficient with out the dangers or deprivation.

I personally discover Fasting Mimicking to be fascinating. Whole deprivation from meals feels like torture to many individuals (though I’ve had constructive experiences, and it sounds worse than it truly is). Nonetheless, a protocol that accomplishes most of the identical advantages with out having to fully skip meals is usually a nice place to begin for many individuals.

Enter the Fasting Mimicking Food regimen. However how does it work?

FMD offers steerage on macronutrients, like protein, as a result of it accommodates amino acids. Amino acids are referred to as the constructing blocks of protein, and it’s how the physique actually repairs and restores cells and tissues. Additionally they management progress hormone ranges and insulin-like progress issue 1, each of that are extremely concerned within the velocity at which the physique ages and develops illness processes.

FMD additionally modulates sugar consumption to assist blood glucose, as a result of that controls one other gene referred to as PKA, which influences getting old and illness, too.

Well being Advantages of a Fasting Mimicking Food regimen

Fasting Mimicking can affect genes in a strong method by offering the gasoline and circumstances the physique must implement some protecting modifications. It’s so impactful that it has an affect on gene expression lengthy after the Fasting Mimicking Food regimen has ended. After simply 5 days of FMD, protecting advantages could be proven for months afterward.

These are the demonstrated advantages of following an FMD, in keeping with analysis.

Cell Safety with Autophagy

Autophagy is the physique’s inner protecting mechanism for eliminating cells which are damaged or broken. Cells replicate at completely different charges, relying on the place they’re within the physique. Pores and skin cells are changed each 2 weeks, whereas purple blood cells are changed each 2.5 to 4 months. The epithelial cells that line the intestinal partitions are changed each 5 days.

Cells are all the time replicating. In that course of, they switch DNA. Generally info will get misplaced or cells are broken. If the physique is allowed to proceed with damaged or broken cells, or ones lacking essential info, the physique would quickly deteriorate! Autophagy is the physique’s built-in system for cleansing home of damaged, broken, or outdated cells with dangerous info.

A examine by Dr. Longo and colleagues from 2015 confirmed that the FMD plan helped to optimize the method of autophagy. Consequently, it has a protecting impact on cells and will even assist to sluggish mobile degeneration and getting old. Autophagy can also be proven to ramp up in nerve cells in response to short-term fasting.

Most cancers and Chemotherapy

Cancer is the second main reason for loss of life in america (behind coronary heart illness). Whereas chemotherapy has been in a position to deal with and produce many sorts into remission, the immune suppression of chemotherapy presents a hazard in and of itself. Immune system malfunction can also be a set off of most cancers, when the physique fails to destroy broken cells by way of autophagy.

A 2015 examine in mice confirmed that extended fasting might enhance stress resistance in cells, in addition to the power for them to resume and regenerate. A number of rounds of fasting have been additionally in a position to lower immune suppression and mortality related to chemotherapy.

A 2018 overview discovered that FMD, when paired with chemotherapy or immunotherapy, was in a position to enhance how nicely the remedies labored whereas decreasing unwanted side effects.

Cardiovascular Well being

There are a lot of components that have an effect on coronary heart well being. In a 2019 randomized trial of 100 topics, those that adopted the Fasting Mimicking Food regimen in comparison with a standard eating regimen skilled weight reduction, fats loss, decreased blood stress, and decrease ranges of fasting blood sugar, triglycerides, LDL ldl cholesterol, and C-reactive protein (an inflammatory marker).

This useful image of FMD on components that may affect coronary heart well being demonstrates the constructive results it may have on folks in danger for ailments associated to irritation and getting old.

Physique Weight

In the identical trial of 100 randomized topics who adopted both a standard meals plan or the Fasting Mimicking Food regimen for 3 months (3 completely different 5-day FMD cycles), those that have been on the FMD plan misplaced weight and physique fats. Having extreme physique weight can enhance the chance of many kinds of persistent and age-related ailments, so discovering a way to assist ongoing and prolonged healthy weight is important.


The advantages of Fasting Mimicking additionally lengthen to autoimmune circumstances like a number of sclerosis and irritable bowel illness (IBD) like Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis.

A number of sclerosis (MS) is a neurological degenerative illness with roots in autoimmunity. Previous analysis has proven that, general, particular diets haven’t been very profitable at treating or reversing MS signs.

Animal analysis from 2016 confirmed that periodic 3-day cycles of the Fasting Mimicking Food regimen have been in a position to deal with the basis reason for MS—assault on the myelin sheath of the spinal twine by the immune system. FMD was in a position to scale back the severity of the situation in all mice and was even in a position to reverse signs in 20 % of these studied. A Fasting Mimicking Food regimen can promote immune system steadiness in addition to assist to restore the myelin sheath. FMD is discovered to be protected and efficient for treating relapsing remitting MS.

In animal research, FMD was additionally in a position to scale back irritation within the intestines and enhance the quantity of protecting good micro organism within the intestine. Three rounds of FMD was in a position to decrease systemic irritation and enhance immune and stem cell ranges, exhibiting potential for eliminating IBD irritation.

Who Can Observe a Fasting Mimicking Food regimen Plan?

It’s clear {that a} Fasting Mimicking Food regimen has quite a lot of potential advantages! Whether or not or not it’s best for you relies on a number of components. Checking together with your private healthcare supplier is the 1st step.

In case your physician offers the all-clear, following a Fasting Mimicking eating regimen plan may assist:

  • Shed extra pounds
  • Scale back danger for coronary heart illness, diabetes, autoimmunity, or different persistent well being issues
  • Handle a situation that FMD has been proven to be useful for
  • Reside a protracted life and selling healthy aging

A Fasting Mimicking Food regimen is extra of a way of life shift with two components: the 3-7 day fasts the place you’re taking in fewer energy for a set period of time, and the opposite days the place try to be consuming with well being in thoughts.

Dr. Longo isn’t a legalist in terms of this. As he explains, it’s in regards to the majority of what you’re doing. If you’d like a small little bit of sugar in your espresso, it’s such a small quantity that it’s not going to rewrite your genetic code. However the cumulative impact of a number of sugary sodas, desserts, and high-carb, refined meals each day—these will add as much as negatively influence the longevity of your genes.

Find out how to Observe a Fasting Mimicking Food regimen Plan

One of many primary rules of an FMD plan is to eat low protein and excessive unsaturated fats, and to general scale back energy throughout the fasting interval. Plans ought to nonetheless be custom-made with a healthcare supplier, however the common FMD plan will embody round 1,100 energy the primary day, and simply 800 or much less the subsequent few days.

Protein restriction mixed with the fasting-mimicking protocol is what offers the eating regimen plan its useful results. So, no, you’ll be able to’t simply eat high-protein (or no matter you need) on your allotted energy throughout the quick. Wholesome fat are additionally necessary for the eating regimen’s advantages.

Find out how to begin? Learn Dr. Longo’s ebook The Longevity Diet for the total plan. Dr. Longo says that the FMD could be accomplished wherever from a number of instances a 12 months to as soon as a month, relying in your present state of well being and age.

When you do observe a quick mimicking eating regimen, just remember to observe correct refeeding strategies on the finish. Breaking a quick by dashing headlong into consuming high-calorie, high-carb, and high-fat meals will make you’re feeling sick and could be harmful.

This text was medically reviewed by Dr. Shani Muhammad, MD, board licensed in household drugs and has been practising for over ten years. As all the time, this isn’t private medical recommendation and we advocate that you just speak together with your physician or work with a physician at SteadyMD.

Have you ever ever tried a Fasting Mimicking Food regimen? When you have, share within the feedback the way it went. When you haven’t, what drawbacks or questions do you continue to have?


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