Former Massive Pharma VP’s Views on Vaccine Passes and Boosters


How do you market and implement a monetary system that no one would need in the event that they understood its full ramifications — a change so big that it not solely would imply the top of foreign money as we all know it, however a complete revision of sovereignty and particular person rights?

Within the interview above, which is a part of the full-length documentary “Planet Lockdown,”1 Michael Yeadon, Ph.D., a life science researcher and former vice-president and chief scientist of allergy and respiratory analysis at Pfizer, shares his views on the COVID-19 pandemic, fast-tracked COVID-19 “vaccines,” the problem of mutated virus variants and the necessity for booster photographs, and the way this manufactured disaster is getting used to strip us of our civil liberties.

Are You Placing the Items Collectively?

Yeadon has a level in biochemistry and toxicology and a research-based Ph.D. in respiratory pharmacology. He’s spent 32 years of his profession working for giant pharmaceutical corporations, and 10 years within the biotechnology sector.

“I am in favor of all modes of recent medical remedies, whether or not they’re biologicals or vaccines, small molecules, lotions, sprays, ointments, no matter, however I am fervently in opposition to unsafe medicines or medicines utilized in an inappropriate context,” Yeadon says.

“A number of the issues I’ll say are usually not favorable to the present crop of gene-based vaccines and it is [because] they’re being inappropriately used. I do not assume they’ve a adequate security profile for use as a type of wide-spectrum public well being prophylactic …

A couple of issues have allowed me, I believe, to identify what is going on on in the world in the intervening time. One, I’ve cherished biology since I used to be little. I have been persevering with to study and to use biology broadly, whether or not it is pharmacology, biochemistry, molecular biology [or] toxicology. I’ve bought a really broad grounding in all issues to do with life science, when it comes to well being and illness.

[Secondly], one in all my former supervisors mentioned that I had a outstanding facility that stood out above the type of strange stuff you’d need to do to be a vice president or a CEO. He mentioned I used to be in a position to spot patterns in sparse information earlier than my friends. So, when there’s not sufficient information for most individuals to evaluate what was occurring, I might typically have the ability to see it.

I may see a sample forming when there wasn’t fairly sufficient info … On this event, it allowed me, fairly rapidly, to work out that what we have been being instructed about this virus and what we wanted to do so as to keep secure was merely not true.”

A Huge Fraud Has Been Perpetrated

Yeadon begins out by highlighting the “huge adjustments” made within the U.Ok.’s attribution of causes of deaths. In case you die inside 28 days of testing optimistic for SARS-CoV-2, you’re counted as a COVID-19 demise, no matter different underlying situations. The identical factor was accomplished within the U.S. As famous by Yeadon:

“We have by no means had something as absurd because the rule that’s now used. It is not only a matter of disagreeing professionally. It is simply full nonsense.”

The shutdown of companies and forcing wholesome individuals to self-isolate additionally makes no sense. Yeadon factors out that solely people who find themselves ailing, who’ve discernible signs of a respiratory an infection, pose any well being threat to others:

“To be , environment friendly supply of an infection, you need to have a lot of virus. And in case you have quite a lot of viruses attacking you, you’re preventing again. That course of produces signs, inevitably, not simply often. It should at all times occur …

And people individuals are not people who find themselves strolling round within the group, as a result of for those who’re filled with virus and symptomatic, you’re additionally ailing, and ailing individuals have a tendency to remain at house or in mattress.”

Asymptomatic unfold, which has no sound foundation, was used to justify lockdowns, which by no means had any foundation in truth or science both. Lockdowns have been applied for totally different causes, specifically to get you used to giving up your freedoms and your regular lifestyle, and to make you psychologically depending on an outdoor supply telling you when it’s OK to do what.

It’s obedience coaching and a instrument to get the inhabitants of the world to associate with the intentional decimation of the worldwide financial system and outdated lifestyle, thereby justifying the Great Reset, which is about transferring world wealth and possession rights to the technocratic elite, and giving them the facility to regulate the world’s nations.

“Mainly, all the things your authorities has instructed you about this virus, all the things it’s essential to do to remain secure, is a lie,” Yeadon says. “Each a part of it … Not one of the key themes that you simply hear talked about — from asymptomatic transmission to top-up vaccines [i.e., booster shots] — not a kind of issues is supported by the science.

Each piece is cleverly chosen adjacently to one thing that most likely is true, however is itself a lie, and has led individuals to the place we’re proper now. I do not usually use phrases like this, however I believe we’re standing on the very gates of hell … It’s all about management …

The explanation I am commenting is as a result of I imagine it is not nearly my life. Extra importantly, [it’s the lives] of my kids and grandchildren which can be being stolen … by a scientific technique of concern and management that is going to culminate in, I believe, some very horrible occasions, and I am determined to wake you up …

We’re most likely fairly used to politicians often telling white lies, and we type of allow them to, however after they mislead you about one thing technical, one thing that you may examine, they usually do it [with] many, many components of the entire occasion, then please, you have to imagine me, [they’re] not telling the reality.

And if they don’t seem to be telling the reality, which means there’s one thing else. And I am right here to inform you that there’s something very, very unhealthy occurring. In case you do not concentrate, you’ll quickly lose any likelihood to do something about it.”

Science Has Been Turned on Its Head

Yeadon rightly notes that all the things we’ve recognized about virology and infectious illness has been turned the other way up throughout this pandemic. None of the usual responses recognized to guard individuals from infectious illness was adopted. Usually, you quarantine the sick to include the an infection.

Locking down total societies has by no means been accomplished and has no basis in science or the historical past of epidemic management. Equally, mass testing individuals with out signs is with out priority. It merely isn’t accomplished, and for good cause. It’s a waste of assets as a result of as Yeadon defined earlier, we all know how viruses unfold. This isn’t our first rodeo. We’ve handled infectious epidemics earlier than.

We all know how viruses work within the physique. When you might have an energetic an infection, you develop signs as your physique mounts its protection. With out signs, your viral load is just too low to pose a risk, both to your self or others. The parable about asymptomatic unfold has been a concern tactic.

T-Cell Immunity Is Far Extra Necessary Than Antibodies

Yeadon goes on to overview how we’ve been misled about immunity and the way your physique fights off viruses. You’ve most likely heard that the factor that provides you immunity in opposition to SARS-CoV-2 is SARS-CoV-2-specific antibodies.

The complete vaccination marketing campaign is constructed across the premise that by injecting an artificial piece of viral RNA into your cells, your physique will begin producing the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, in response to which your physique will produce particular antibodies that acknowledge that protein. That is often known as humoral immunity.

Nonetheless, whereas antibodies are essential, particularly in bacterial infections, antibodies are usually not the one half of your immunity. Extra importantly, immunity in opposition to viruses — against micro organism — truly doesn’t rely on antibodies. Yeadon explains:

“Viruses are actually tiny, and their enterprise is to get as rapidly as they will inside your cells. So, they bind to a receptor on the floor and inject themselves into your cell. So, they’re inside. Antibodies are large molecules they usually’re typically outdoors your cells.

So simply take into consideration that for a second. Antibodies and viruses are in separate compartments. The virus is contained in the cell, the antibodies outdoors the cell. I am not saying antibodies don’t have any position, however they’re actually not very essential. This has been confirmed. There are some individuals in whom a pure experiment has occurred.

They’ve a defect they usually truly do not make antibodies, however they’re in a position to combat off COVID-19, the virus SARS-CoV-2, fairly nicely. The way in which they do that’s, they’ve T-cell immunity, mobile immunity. [T-cells] are cells which can be educated to detect virus-infected cells and to kill these cells. That is the way you defend your self in opposition to a virus.

So, all of those mentions of antibody ranges, it is simply bunk. It will not be measure of whether or not or not you are immune. It does give proof that you’ve got been contaminated, however their persistence will not be essential as as to whether you’ve got bought immunity …

We have recognized this for many years. We have recognized about T-cells for a long time. They have been clearly in my undergraduate textbooks. And we have recognized about their significance in defending you in opposition to respiratory viruses since most likely the Nineteen Seventies, definitely the Eighties. So, do not imagine something the place individuals recommend to you that their position is unsure. We have recognized for a really very long time that they are completely central.”

Antibodies Are Not the Reply to Variants

The central position of T-cell immunity, or mobile immunity, turns into significantly pertinent when discussing the specter of variants, mutated types of SARS-CoV-2. As talked about, your immune system is a multifaceted system that enables your physique to mount defenses in opposition to all kinds of threats. Parasites, fungi, micro organism and viruses are the principle risk classes.

Every of those invades and threatens you in utterly other ways, and your immune system has methods of dealing with all of them, utilizing quite a lot of mechanisms.

“You have bought 4 or 5 totally different arms of the immune system: innate immunity, mucosal, antibody, T-cells and praise[ary systems],” Yeadon says.

“There are all of those totally different great methods which have built-in, one with one other, as a result of it must defend you in opposition to all kinds of various threats within the setting. What I am telling you is that the emphasis on antibodies in respect of respiratory viral infections is incorrect, and you may set up that fairly simply by doing a little looking out.”

In essence, what Yeadon is saying is that whether or not you’re going to be prone to variants has little or no to do with whether or not or not you might have antibodies in opposition to SARS-CoV-2, as a result of antibodies are usually not your main protection in opposition to viruses. Your T-cells are those doing the heavy lifting.

What this implies then, is that getting booster photographs for various variants is not going that can assist you. It is not going to remedy the issue, as a result of these photographs do not strengthen your T-cell immunity.

Rigorously Rethink Want for Booster Photographs

Of all of the lies we’ve been instructed over the previous 12 months, those that fear and frighten Yeadon essentially the most are the lies about virus variants and booster photographs. The truth is, he believes not shopping for into these lies could also be key to your very survival, and right here’s why:

“It is fairly regular for RNA viruses like SARS-CoV-2, when it replicates, to make typographical errors. It’s bought an excellent error detection, error correction system so it would not make too many typos, however it does make some, and people are referred to as ‘variants.’

It’s actually essential to know that for those who discover the variant that is most totally different from the sequence recognized in Wuhan, that variance … is barely 0.3% totally different from the unique sequence.

I am going to say it one other approach. In case you discover essentially the most totally different variance, it is 99.7% an identical to the unique one, and I can guarantee you … that quantity of distinction is totally NOT probably in a position to signify itself to you as a totally different virus.”

He explains how, earlier within the pandemic, scientists obtained blood from sufferers who had been sickened with the SARS virus 17 or 18 years in the past. SARS-CoV-1, accountable for that SARS outbreak, is 80% much like SARS-CoV-2.

They wished to know if the immune methods of those sufferers would have the ability to acknowledge SARS-CoV-2. They did. They nonetheless had reminiscence T-cells in opposition to SARS-CoV-1, and people cells additionally acknowledged SARS-CoV-2, regardless of being solely 80% related. Now, if a 20% distinction was not sufficient to circumvent the immune system of those sufferers, why do you have to be involved with a variant that’s at most 0.3% totally different from the unique SARS-CoV-2? 

“When your authorities scientists inform you {that a} variant that is 0.3% totally different from SARS-CoV-2 may masquerade as a brand new virus and be a risk to your well being, it is best to know, and I am telling you, they’re mendacity,” Yeadon says.

“In the event that they’re mendacity, and they’re, why is the pharmaceutical business making top-up [booster] vaccines? You have to be terrified at this level, as I’m, as a result of there’s completely no doable justification for his or her manufacture. And the world’s medicines regulators have mentioned, ‘As a result of they’re fairly much like the unique vaccines … we can’t be asking them to do any scientific security research.’”

Are We Seeing a Mass Depopulation Agenda in Motion?

Yeadon stresses that variants merely aren’t totally different sufficient to signify a risk, which is why you don’t now, and received’t sooner or later, want a number of booster photographs. But they’re already being made, and regulators are giving them a free go on the subject of security and efficacy research.

“I am very fearful of that. There is no doable benign interpretation of this,” Yeadon says. “I imagine they are going for use to wreck your well being and probably kill you. Severely. I can see no smart interpretation aside from a severe try at mass depopulation.

This may present the instruments to do it, and believable deniability. They’re going to create one other story about some type of organic risk and you will line up and get your top-up vaccines, and some months or a 12 months or so later, you will die of some peculiar inexplicable syndrome. And so they will not have the ability to affiliate it with the vaccines.

That is my perception — that they are mendacity to you about variants so they will make damaging top-up vaccines that you do not want in any respect. I believe they might be used for malign functions … We all know that the individuals [SARS-CoV-2] injures and kills are solely people who find themselves aged and or ailing, often each, so we’re speaking about much less than 0.1% [of the population] …

Provided that this virus represents, at worst, a barely greater threat to the outdated and ailing than influenza, and a smaller threat [than influenza] to virtually everybody else … it was by no means obligatory for us to have accomplished something. We did not must do something. [We didn’t need] lockdowns, masks, mass testing, vaccines.

There are a number of therapeutic medication which can be at the very least as efficient because the vaccines are. They’re already obtainable and low-cost. Inhaled corticosteroids which can be utilized in bronchial asthma lowered symptomatology by about 90%.

An off-patent drug referred to as ivermectin, some of the widely-used medication on this planet, can be in a position to cut back signs at any stage of the illness, together with lethality by about 90%. So, you do not want vaccines and also you do not want any of the measures which were launched in any respect.”

Key Security Issues of mRNA ‘Vaccines’

In December 2020, Yeadon filed a petition2 calling on the European Medication Company to halt Part 3 scientific trials of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine till they’ve been restructured to deal with crucial security considerations. After all, these trials weren’t halted. The 4 key security considerations Yeadon laid out in his petition3 have been:

1. The potential for formation of non-neutralizing antibodies that may set off an exaggerated immune response (known as paradoxical immune enhancement or antibody-dependent immune amplification) when the person is uncovered to the actual “wild” virus post-vaccination.

Antibody-dependent amplification has been repeatedly demonstrated in coronavirus vaccine trials on animals.4 Whereas the animals initially tolerated the vaccine nicely and had sturdy immune responses, they later turned severely ailing or died when contaminated with the wild virus. Put plainly, the vaccine elevated their susceptibility to the virus and made them extra prone to die from the an infection.

2. Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine incorporates polyethylene glycol (PEG), and research have proven 70% of individuals develop antibodies in opposition to this substance. This means PEG could set off deadly allergic reactions in lots of who obtain the vaccine.

Certainly, inside days of the vaccine’s launch, experiences began coming in of individuals having life-threatening anaphylactic reactions,5 resulting in warnings that folks with recognized allergic reactions mustn’t take the Pfizer vaccine.6 Since then, anaphylactic reactions have been reported by recipients of the Moderna mRNA vaccine as nicely.7

3. The mRNA vaccine triggers your physique to supply antibodies in opposition to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, and spike proteins in flip include syncytin-homologous proteins which can be important for the formation of placenta. If a girl’s immune system begins reacting in opposition to syncytin-1, then there’s the chance she may turn into infertile.

This is a matter that not one of the vaccine research is particularly. Mass vaccinating girls of childbearing age in opposition to COVID-19 may probably have the devastating consequence of inflicting mass infertility if the vaccine triggers an immune response in opposition to syncytin-1.

4. The research are far too temporary in length to permit a practical estimation of facet results. Relying on what these results find yourself being, hundreds of thousands of individuals could be uncovered to unacceptable threat in return for a really minor profit. 

Well being Freedom Undermined within the Identify of ‘Emergency’

Much more basic than any specific security concern is the truth that a vaccination marketing campaign of this magnitude, utilizing a wholly novel expertise, units a most harmful public well being precedent. By drumming up pointless panic, many at the moment are keen to forgo all method of freedom within the title of responding to a worldwide well being emergency.

One in every of these core freedoms is your proper to refuse an experimental medical process. This freedom was acknowledged within the Nuremberg Code of 19478 and enshrined within the Worldwide Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which states that “nobody shall be subjected with out his free consent to medical or scientific experimentation.”9

But regardless of that, and even though scientific vaccine trials are nonetheless two years out from being accomplished, governments all over the world are speaking about making these vaccinations mandatory, or blackmailing individuals to take them in opposition to their will by encouraging non-public companies to limit entry to vaccinated-only.

As famous by Yeadon and lots of others, the implementation of vaccine passports has nothing to do with defending public well being and all the things to do with setting into place a surveillance, monitoring and management mechanism that may simply be expanded into all different areas of life, thereby controlling your each transfer.

“[Vaccine passports] are usually not required in any respect,” Yeadon says. “What they present, although, is full management over your actions to whoever controls the database that your vaccination standing is related to. I hope you grasp this as a result of this isn’t non-obligatory.

That is what is going on to take over your life in a approach that George Orwell in ‘1984’ did not even dream of. Think about you’ve got been vaccinated and you’ve got been awarded a vaccine passport on an app. It should be the world’s first database that incorporates your title, a singular digital ID in the identical format as completely everyone else on the planet on the identical database.

It’s going to have like an editable health-related flag that may say [whether] you’ve got been vaccinated. If you have not been, the algorithm that guidelines that works out what you are able to do … That is what is going on to regulate the remainder of your lives till you die.”

Vaccine Passport Is a Ticket to Tyranny, or Worse

Certainly, I’ve written a number of articles detailing how the monitoring of vaccination standing will usher in a surveillance apparatus greater than anything we’ve ever experienced before.

The precedent being arrange proper now’s one which, sooner or later, will grant well being authorities the “proper” to power any variety of experimental medication, vaccines and applied sciences upon us within the title of public well being. If the fitting to refuse an experimental medical process will not be upheld now, all the inhabitants of the earth might be obtainable for experimentation with out recourse. 

However that’s not all. This preliminary vaccine surveillance system will in the end be tied into different digital methods, reminiscent of all different medical data, biometric ID and an all-digital banking system.

The implementation of a Google-based social credit system, much like that applied in China in 2018, can be extremely seemingly. Below a social credit score system, factors are awarded or subtracted for sure kinds of conduct. When your rating falls under a sure level, punishment is meted out within the type of journey restrictions or the shortcoming to acquire a mortgage, for instance.

“Do not permit their system to come back into power,” Yeadon says. “It should be used to coerce you. I imagine for those who permit a vaccine passport to come back into power, you will be pinged someday and it will advise you to go to the medical heart to have your top-up vaccine.

In case you select to not get your vaccine, your passport validity will expire, which implies you will not have the ability to enter a store. Chances are you’ll not have the ability to use your financial institution card. All anyone must do is ready a rule that claims ‘After a given a date, earlier than any financial institution card can be utilized, a vaccine passport must be [validated] …

I am completely terrified that the mixture of vaccine passports and top-up vaccines goes to result in mass depopulation, deliberate execution, probably of billions of individuals.

You’ll be able to cease it as soon as you’ve got heard what I am saying. Even for those who like the concept of vaccine passports, put the factor in place utilizing written data or one thing … however don’t permit it to be on an interoperable world fixed-format database, as a result of that would be the finish of human freedoms. And I simply see no approach of recovering from that.”